Director of Operations, Bill Bhangal builds a brand-new, cutting-edge automatic carwash under the Esso name. A twin drive moving belt measuring 125 feet long is part of the new European system. This state-of-the-art machine can control four cars at once every five minutes. The automated system could be a retractable touchless wash or a full contact wash. High-end cars' tires don't move, therefore rim damage is no longer an issue. In Ontario, we want to build 45 other facilities that are comparable to this one. It is similar to the moving belt you see at airports.


    Bill Bhangal, the CEO of Bhangal International Holdings, introduces a brand-new 5-acre development site in Orangeville, Ontario. This will be a full-service commercial retail site that will cater to Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. This new construction is the town of Orangeville, Southern Ontario's first retail development after no growth. The city of Orangeville enthusiastically backed this project. By December 2023, the project is expected to be finished. Allowing a new retail space of 51,000 square feet.


    GURMEET BHANGAL launches a new development site in Orangeville, Ontario that is going to create 150 new jobs for the Orangeville, Ontario community. A first for Orangeville, Ontario, the project will include a cutting-edge new business facility with 15 new electric vehicle charging stations.


    As we continue forward with this exciting new project, we are excited about this new development. We are really appreciative of the Town of Orangeville's support with this 18-million-dollar million dollar project.